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Junckers floor finishing products 

Sanding floors can be quite a tedious process with the wrong equipment. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken in order to restore wood floors to their original beauty. During the sanding process, the top surface of the wood is removed using abrasive material called “sanding belts” that can cause damage if not properly weilded.

All of the floor sanding machines we use at Brighton Floor Sanding meet the highest industry standards because they are developed by the world’s leading companies in the floor sanding industry—Bona. Bona machines have a dust pick-up rate of up to 98%. We also use the Bona DCS extraction system, which increases this to 99.8%, so you can be assured that there is not much dust in the air after your floors are sanded

In addition, before we begin a sanding project, we make sure all the machines we need are working optimally, and that we have the best materials ready for the perfect finish— one of these materials is the Junckers line of wood care products.

Junckers produces the best waterproofing, surface treatments, maintenance, and cleaning materials in the trade.

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About Junckers Floor Coatings 

Junckers is Europe’s leading manufacturer of prefabricated solid wood floors for the sports, commercial, and residential sectors. It was first established in 1930 and is still going strong today. In addition to wooden floors, Junckers produces a range of floor coatings for all types of wooden floors. They have one-piece and two-piece water-based paints; wood refining oils; and a range of floor care products.  Using Junkers floor oils and laquers, we are able to deliver the best finish possible, after sanding. Brighton Floor Sanding had been using Junckers floor coatings for years because we consider it the best brand in the market today. We have always got great reviews from our clients every time we use Junckers, which is another reason why we strongly recommend the product. It is a testament to the quality of Junckers seals and varnishes that it has been named the most commonly selected sealant by architects around the world. 

Why Junckers Wood Care Products are the best 

With high-quality wood flooring lacquers, you get what you pay for; and what you get with Junckers is a high-quality product that is almost wear-proof. The name Junckers has become synonymous with quality and excellence.  If you are searching for a specialist floor paint from an established brand, Junckers floor paint is the best option. Their selection of products is highly recommended for sealing sports rooms, school floors, offices, restaurants, public spaces, halls, and even your home. Junckers Lacquers are a very popular product in the floor repair industry, because of its incredible elasticity and chemical resistance.

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Brighton Floor Sanding – We are a Junckers Flooring Specialist Near You 

Junckers has been in the UK for over 50 years. In that time, they have serviced over 5 million square meters of flooring for both small and large projects. Junckers is well- known for manufacturing high-quality wood flooring products and providing quality hardwood floors in a wide array of wood types–from the soft shades of Nordic Ash, the vivid colours of Beech Sylvared to the beautiful Black Oak. With the vast options they have available, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your style when selecting a new floor, without worrying about product quality.  Floors finished with Junckers products are aesthetically pleasing, soft to the touch, and feel solid under you. Although Junckers manufactures wood floors for all kinds of uses, some of their core specialities is sports floors, dance floors, and flooring for educational institutions.

Why choose Brighton Floor Sanding as your Junckers floor installer? 

Brighton Floor Sanding is an authority when it comes to Junckers products in the UK—we have installed many Junckers sports floors. To get the most out of a new Junckers floor, we strongly recommend having it installed by our team of experts, to ensure the finished item meets the highest quality standards possible. Our expert knowledge of the Junckers brand, as well as the restoration and repair process; and our exceptional customer service is one of the things that distinguishes Brighton Floor Sanding from other floor sanding companies.  Please do not hesitate to contact our flooring experts on 01273 257183 if you would like to get started, or have any questions regarding any of the products presented.

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Brighton Floor Sanding is proud to be the main Junckers installer in the Brighton area. We can install and preserve your Junckers floor to perfection. To get started, please call us on 01273 257183 or send an email to info@brightonfloorsanding.com.


How do I maintain my Junckers Floor?
One of the upsides of choosing Junckers wooden floors is that it is generally extremely easy to clean and maintain. This means your floor will look beautiful and function exceptionally well for a very long time. To help with care and maintenance, Junckers has a woodcare range made up of carefully formulated products for routine cleaning and maintenance for sports facilities, private homes, and commercial buildings
Are Junckers Floors backed by a warranty?
Yes, they are. Junckers floors come with a 25-year guarantee, which covers products and installation. Please note that the 25-year warranty is free and you can opt-out at any time. If properly cared for, the lifespan of a Junckers sports floor can be up to 60 years. To get the most out of your floor, you should only use a Junckers-approved installer to ensure the floor is properly installed.
What makes Junckers flooring a cut above the rest?
Junckers Flooring is an ISO 14001-certified, energy-efficient (SKS), sustainable wood (FSC and PEFC) flooring system. Because of their natural beauty, they offer unlimited design possibilities when installed in a room. The look that Junckers floors create is stunning, unique, and timeless. You’ll find Junckers wood floors in a variety of wood types, textures, and colours.
Why choose Junckers Floor for your Brighton property?
All Junckers floors are produced from sustainable raw materials, ethically sourced from European and Scandinavian forests, in line with recommended guidelines for the chain of custody, which make them eco-friendly. Junckers’ solid wood floors are also manufactured without the use of insecticides such as PCP (pentachlorophenol) or laminating adhesives. This ensures that dangerous substances such as volatile organic compounds do not get into the air.

Because Junckers floors do not contain dust, a safe, indoor environment that is ideal for allergy sufferers, can be created and maintained .

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