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Brighton Floor Sanding specialises in laying, sanding, staining, and varnishing hardwood floors in Brighton’s homes and offices. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we provide a variety of the most widely used wood stains in the industry, which have been tested and deemed compatible with floors typically used in industrial and home floor coatings.

We can either varnish your floors and give them a new look, or we can wash your floors in whatever colour you choose.

Changing the colour of the natural wood floor can sometimes be desirable. We can either varnish your floors and give them a new look, or we can wash your floors in whatever colour you choose. Changing the colour of the natural wood floor can sometimes be desirable. This is particularly suitable for fresh pine floors; the natural colour can sometimes be a bit pale and get dark.

If you live or work in the Brighton area and want to breathe new life into a wooden floor, do not hesitate to contact us; we can discuss the process and the colours, or you can get a quote from our experts.

Create the Perfect Floor With an Unlimited Number of Colours and Surfaces

When staining or dying wooden floors, the natural colour of the parquet adjusts so that the desired interior effect is achieved. This is a method of floor restoration that applies to all types of wooden floors, including solid wood floors, parquet floors, pine floors, and engineered floors. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we perform staining and dying on wooden floors alongside other maintenance jobs. A huge range of colours is currently available for staining and dying wooden floors; in fact, it becomes a difficult task to choose the perfect colour for your floor.

However, the final staining outcome is largely dependent on the quality of the floor, the timber, and the age of your floors. For example, when the same type of stain is used on newly laid oak floors, it gives different results than on oak floors that have been in use for several years. The colours and varnishing of the wooden floor will liven the floor and completely change the look of the house. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we only use high-quality, fast-drying wooden floor paints from top makers, such as Morrells Stains and Bona’s Create Stains oil colour palette.

There are many options for staining wooden floors, including natural mahogany, Jacobean oak, light oak, dark oak, antique pine, rosewood, and others. Floor Sanding Site will sand, stain, and refinish hardwood floors in order to make it look new. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Why Stain and Vanish Your Wood Floor?

Staining floors is a perfect way to change the look of wooden floors, without compromising the wooden floor’s natural beauty and character. Although style changes, wood flooring is always in style, either in a natural or darker tone. Nonetheless, trends in interior design favour one end of the colour spectrum over the other.

If you are looking for a change, a special stain on wooden floors will give your home more charm and originality. You can choose a brown custom floor stain or other colours for your wooden floors. Floor stains are available in almost unlimited colours. After application, the colours may vary slightly depending on the type of wood.

For example, a softwood floor made of pine or birch may be darker and more intense because the stain penetrates deeper. At the same time, softwood floors may be blotchy when stained, making it difficult to apply the stain evenly. Wooden floors of typical density, such as oak, stain easily and evenly. Stain manufacturer’s colour samples are also made in oak.

Regardless of whether your hardwood stains all the time, there is nothing to fret about because our Brighton Floor Sanding employees at Brighton can identify the type of hardwood floor you have; they can suggest a wood stain that matches the colour scheme in your home. If you want to bespoke stain, call us. We are happy to stop by and help you find the right stain for you. Call Brighton Floor Sanding at 01273 257183 to order a home visit today.

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The Difference Between Staining and Painting

The significant differences in staining and painting are due to the overall impression intensity. Staining changes the colour of the wood, but you won’t have a difficult time knowing which material is underneath. Additionally, you can see grain, knots, and textures despite the change that comes with staining. The coloured floor maintains its colour, and even better, it is more resistant to damage and lasts longer.

Although the result is not as intense as when painting. On the flip side, the existing finish is completely covered, and the wood itself cannot be seen. Painting provides a transition that is more complete and comprehensive. It is also easier to remove it if you are not satisfied with the result. One of the biggest problems is endurance. Chips and cracks occur relatively often. Any damage suffered by a painted floor will also become much clearer. In general, painted floors are considered less attractive because of their sensitivity.

Floor staining is a process that requires professional services offered by Floor Sanding Site because scratches or defects in sanding are stressed in the wood. Our floor sanding experts always provide high-quality sanding with the best sanding equipment before staining the floor. Thanks to Floor Sanding Site, make your floor look beautiful, modern, and fresh. Contact us today!

Get Top-Class Staining and Varnishing for Your Wooden Floor

The right colour for a wooden floor will improve a home’s character and convey a sense of style. Our specialists in flooring offer a wide range of hardwood stains. Our floor sanding company uses spirit-based stains of high quality that can be blended to achieve the perfect colour for wooden floors.

Our professional floor consultants will be pleased to help you change the stain colours to the actual hardwood surface or guide you on the appropriate stain colour.

 Staining wood floors isn’t an easy task; a lot of things might go wrong, but don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Based on our 10+ years of experience in wood flooring, we are able to deliver high-quality service in floor staining.

We can perform high-quality sanding and staining; we are a professional floor company that combines both experience and the latest equipment. Our team of qualified sanders and floor fitters uses free staining samples directly on the floor! Contact us so that we can design the interior of your home together. Ask for a no-obligation quote today or call 01273 257183 to talk to an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I put my furniture back after sanding and varnishing?
It depends on the type of varnish chosen. Allow at least 24 hours before entering the room if you have chosen a water-based varnish. If you’ve chosen an oil-based analogue, you’ll have to wait at least 48 hours before working on a newly renovated floor.

It is strongly recommended that you wait, for both varieties of varnish, at least three days before relocating the furniture; this is because the top layer of the floor should be absolutely dry. If after 72 hours, you’re not sure if the floor is still dry, wait a little longer to avoid problems.

Although the surface appears dry, it will not be completely hardened before the two-week mark. Thereafter, you can replace the carpets and start regular cleaning or maintenance.

What type of varnish do you recommend to protect my floor?
Although most owners of wooden floors have become used to conventional oil-based varnishes that alter the colour and structure of wood, we advise using water-based analogues that protect the floor better.
Can you sand and varnish an already stained floor?
Sure, there is no problem sanding an already stained floor. However, it is important to keep in mind that some wooden slats may be thicker as the stains may be very deep. Then, you can colour the floor to keep the current colour or choose a new one.
Which is better: varnish or paint?
Paints and varnish both offer additional protection against water and solvents for interior applications. However, when it comes to outdoor applications, paint is the go-to option because it provides a more durable and protective cover than varnish. Also, compared to varnish, the pigments in paint provide better UV resistance.
What’s the difference between varnishing and painting?
Varnish has almost no colour and is clear with no dye applied. Paint has pigments and usually range from opaque to translucent. To create a film for gloss and safety, varnishes are also applied over wood stains as a last step in the process.

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