School Floor Sanding in Brighton

Give The Floor In Your School A New Lease Of Life

Located in Brighton? Need a floor sanding and restoration company for your school? GJP FLOOR SANDING is the right choice when it comes to school floor sanding in Brighton.

Our technicians are experienced floor sanding experts in Brighton and surrounding areas. We offer high-quality floor sanding services to schools and colleges throughout the region.

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Why Is School Floor Sanding Important?

It’s important that school wood floors are kept in good condition. Dinks and scuffs on wooden floors can cause people to trip and have accidents. When school floors look pristine, they also raise the tone of the environment.

With Floor sanding, worn out school floors will not need replacement. Sanding and finishing floors are much cheaper than replacing a floor entirely. Most wood floors can be restored to their former condition without great expense.

If you have a wood floor that you think needs some attention, then get in touch with us and we will come and take a look. Call  02036 978431 for prompt response.

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Our Range of School Floor Sanding Services in Brighton

Floor Sanding: Hardwood and Engineered Floors

Our experts are specialists in sanding hardwood floors. They have extensive experience in working with more than 40 wood types.

Floor Restoration for Parquet and Floorboards

Thinking of replacing your damaged wooden floors? Get a free quote from GJP FLOOR SANDING Brighton Sanding Company instead. Our experts can determine if your floors need to be replaced or not.  The floors may look seriously damaged but all they need may be sanding and refinishing.

Restoration of Stairs and Banisters

Shiny, well-finished stairs and bannisters add an elegant, rich touch to your school. But a well-done sanding must be done by experts. Our sanding team creates that perfect finish for stairs and bannister. They do this with the help of small tools and elaborate handwork.

Wooden Floor Re-oiling and Re-polishing

Re-oiling and re-polishing help to protect the surface of wooden floors. It also prolongs the floor’s lifespan. We use only the best quality oils and polishes to enhance the durability of your floor. Oiling an polishing will also give an impeccable finish.

Wooden-floor Staining and Finishing

Staining involves changing the wood colour. If you’re not sure about which stain to use, our experience in sanding and restoration staff can help. At GJP Floor Sanding we can guide you on the best colours and stains for your school floors.

Gap Filling

Wood is a natural floor product. Wood can expand and contract based on the temperature and moisture levels in the air. Our floor sanding company in Brighton will fill the gaps in your floor. We will make sure they filled to create a seamless finish. We use mastic, sawdust, resin and wood slivers to get your gaps filled.

Need more information about our floor restoration services for schools in Brighton? Call 02036 978431 for details or send an email to for prompt response.

Why GJP FLOOR SANDING Brighton Is Your Best Choice for School-floor Sanding

School floor sanding is one of our areas of core competencies at GJP FLOOR SANDING. For Brighton schools, we offer special fee rates and expert maintenance advice. This is arguably the best deal for school floor sanding in the Brighton area.

Looking for more reasons to choose us for your school floor project? Here they are:

  • We work with all wood types

Our floor sanding experts can sand floors of all kinds. This includes pine, oak, walnut, maple and cherry. Our floor sanding experts have experience with engineered wood floors. They are also good with wood parquet and dozens of other wood types. We have years of experience working on school floors. So, we can complete your wood floor job to perfection.

  • We use modern, cutting-edge equipment

At GJP Floor Sanding company, Brighton, we use only high-tech floor sanding equipment. The floor sanding technology we use creates a dust free process. We work hard to minimize the impact and disruption of our floor sanding on school activities.

  • We can plan our work schedule to fit your routine

Our floor sanding experts can work weekends and evenings. This makes our floor sanding company ideal to fit around the daily routine in school. It also means that we can get floor sanding projects in schools finished in short time frames. Our floor sanding experts are also available to work when school is not in session.

  • Well insured for your peace of mind

When we work on your floors, they are fully protected.  All our services are covered by comprehensive Public Liability with a limit of £5,000,000. We also have Treatment Risk insurance

Our workers are well trained and have years of field experience

Our workers are well-trained and have years of sanding experience. Our floor sanding staff are BONA- certified experts with decades of combined experience. With 10 years in the floor sanding business GJP FLOOR SANDING is a company you can trust.

Our sanding teams are member of Guild of Master Craftsman. We are also a member of The National Wood Flooring Association

We offer free site visits and survey

Are you confused about what your type of floor needs? Contact us and we will visit and survey your school and provide you with a quotation all for free. We also offer a free, on-obligation project quotation.

Are you are looking for a floor sanding company that will give you value for your money? GJP FLOOR SANDING is the company to call. Take advantage of our friendly project prices for schools and get in touch today. Call  02036 978431 for more information.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Floorsanding Related Advice


We have sanded floors throughout the Brighton and Hove area. If you have a primary or secondary school, or college with wood floors that needs attention, we can help. Are you are in Southwick, Portslade, Withdean, or Woodingdean?  Maybe you are down by the Brighton Marina. Wherever you are, we are here to get the job done.

We work all the way along the A27 and blow towards the south coast. We also work further afield in neighbouring counties to East Sussex.

Have a school floor that needs sanding and finishing? Or do you just want to discuss a school floor sanding project? It doesn’t matter. Get in touch with our floor sanding experts today. Call  02036 978431 to speak to a real person and discuss your project.

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For more information on our Brighton school floor sanding services, or to book a site visit, give us a call today. We are always happy to work on your commercial floors, giving you only the best result. Call us:  02036 978431 Email: Click here to book a free survey We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is floor sanding?

Floor sanding involves removing the top layer of damaged wood.  This expose the quality word beneath. Floor sanding is done by manual sanding or for by using sanding machines. Most types of words can be sanded. Floor sanding typically involves the preparation of the wood floor. The floor is then sanded and the protective sealant and coating is applied.

What are the benefits of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood floors are durable and strong. Hardwood floors can last for years without much maintenance. Quality flooring is great to look at and simple to clean. Hardwood flooring does require maintenance and restoration from time to time.

This will improve its lifespan.

How do I clean and maintain my wooden floors?

For daily maintenance, dusting with a microfiber cloth or mop is ideal. This provides good protection against scratches and other forms of surface damage.

Vacuums and mops are good for getting dirt out of hard to reach corners. But remember that wooden floors can only endure minimal wetness. So a light mist of a wooden floor cleaner is recommended for cleaning floors. When using a vacuum cleaner, the wheels and beater bar may damage the floors, so be extra careful.

Polish your floors every two to three months. The regularity will depend on the level of foot traffic, to fill in scratches and maintain the finish. Round off with sanding, buffing and refinishing every 3 to 5 years.

Use a hardwood cleaner and avoid using wax cleaners. Also don’t use steam cleaners, water, vinegar or soap-based cleaners on hardwood floors.

What kind of finish is best for a place with high foot traffic?

Different rooms need different types of finish.  Our experts can help you decide the best polish to use once we check your traffic size and floor needs.

Do I Need To Be Present During The Sanding Works?

We recommend that there is a member of staff available at the start of the sanding process. This individual is there to ensure that we get the right finish. But once we know the full brief for the school sanding project there is no need for staff to be present.

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