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Brighton Floor Sanding is made up of specialists in bringing old floors back to life by filling in cracks, gaps, and holes in existing wood floors. We can supply and install reclaimed parquet blocks to match your existing flooring for a seamless finish.

Brighton Floor Sanding is well-known in the floor sanding industry for our approach to each project, which involves meticulous workmanship and an eye for detail. We provide floor sanding, staining, and gap-filling services to commercial and residential property owners in Brighton. For professional wood floor gap filling in Brighton and surrounding areas, please call us at 01273 257183.

What are the Causes of Gaps in Wood Floors?

If you’re having trouble with gaps in your wood floor, you’re not alone; wherever you are in Brighton, Brighton Floor Sanding is here to help. Gaps in wood floors are caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood over time. Although gaps in fairly new wood flooring are typically uncommon along the lengths of the board, you might find new floors develop gaps at the ends of the boards. Old floors, however, are most likely to have gaps along the lengths of the boards and at the end due to years of wood expansion and contraction. The problem is made worse when the floorboards are not tightly laid in the first place. Water damage is another condition that causes and worsens gaps in wood flooring. Waterlogged wood will swell then shrink, as it dries out. Floors with too much underfloor heating, such as those in a furnace room, are also vulnerable to gaps due to the dry heat to which they are exposed. Regardless of the cause, gaps in wood floors not only look unsightly, but they also make a property energy inefficient. If you spot gaps in your wood floor, it is important that you get it fixed by an expert as soon as possible. Simply call your friendly neighbourhood floor solutions provider Brighton Floor Sanding for a long-term solution.

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Wood Floor Gaps Repair Specialists in Brighton

At Brighton Floor Sanding, fixing gaps in wooden floors is one of the floor solutions we offer customers in the area. Our more than 10 years of experience means that we have what it takes to get the job done right. When fixing gaps in wood floors, we start by making sure the floorboards are secure. Then, we’ll measure narrow strips of wood or rope to the length of the gap and make use of an adhesive to hold the filler in place and leave it to dry. When we use wood strips or shims as the filler for a floor gap, we do so only when the weather is humid because this is when the gap is the smallest; it also reduces the likelihood of the shims or wood pieces cracking or splitting when the wood expands. Once the wood or rope fillers are dry, we finish it up. It doesn’t matter whether the gaps on your wood floor are wide or narrow; if left unattended, it can lead to further damage that will cost more to repair. This is why you should handle wood floor gaps as soon as you discover them. When you need experts to fix the gaps in your wood floors, get in touch with us. If you want to sand, repair, or restore an old wood floor, get in touch with us at 01273 257183 for a totally professional job.

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Why You Should Repair Wood Floor Gaps

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we understand that wear and tear can happen to your beloved wooden floor, and this can cause cracks, gaps, and holes; these will affect the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your wood floors. If there are gaps in your wood floors, you need to get them filled by a professional as soon as possible. Gap filling is the closing up of the space between each individual floorboard using either a paste made from mixing clear wood floor raisin or sawdust. Gap filling can prevent draughts because it insulates the living area and stops cold air from coming in through the floor cracks. It also helps make the floor more solid and locked in. Gap filling not only improves the appearance of the floor, but it also makes it easier to clean; wood flooring is easier to clean and maintain if there are no gaps for dirt to fall into. When gaps in wood flooring become an aesthetic issue and disrupt the overall look of a floor, it has to be repaired immediately.

Why Choose Flooring Sanding Site to Fill the Gaps in Your Wood Floors?


Our talented team makes use of various techniques to make your flooring durable and more resilient to traffic. We can use the right techniques to bring back to life eroded surfaces. If the floor is in reasonably good condition, a layer of varnish might be all that is necessary to spruce up the floor. It doesn’t matter what the repair is, we’ll use our industry experience to deliver the right repair or renovation solution.

High-quality service

At Brighton Floor Sanding, our aim is to make sure every flooring service we carry out in your home is completed to the highest standards, resulting in an excellent looking finish that matches your specifications. Using the latest in dust-free technology, we’ll provide our floor sanding service with minimal disruption to your household or place of business.

No job too big or small

Even though we work on large, high-profile contracts, we also welcome little jobs. At Brighton Floor Sanding, each client and project are treated equally. We’ll devote the same level of dedication and expertise to any project we have at hand.

Vast experience

Brighton Floor Sanding has over 10 years of experience in specialised wooden floor and stair renovation. We offer a range of services such as gap filling, sanding, floorboard laying, staining, hearth removal, lacquering, painting, acoustic insulation, and stair renovation. Using our years of industry experience, we can give you the fantastic looking floor you desire.

Professional advice

Not sure about what to do with your damaged wood flooring? We can give you our professional advice, so you can make an informed decision regarding your wood floor filling or sanding project. For example, we often advise not to sand across planked wood floorboards but along the grain of the wood; doing otherwise will leave large gaps between floorboards, which will have draught coming up through the floor.

Should You Have Your Floor Gaps Filled?

It’s important to note that all wood expands and contracts as a result of changes to humidity levels each season. If you notice gaps in the dry winter months but do not notice them when it is very humid, it may be best to let the gaps be; this is because filling them when they are at their widest will cause problems when the wood expands again, and the gaps close up. In extreme cases, floorboards can bend if there is no room for them to expand. However, old flooring can develop permanent gaps that could be slightly wider or narrower depending on humidity changes.

If you are sure the gaps are there all year long, we recommend you have them filled in, preferably when it is humid and the gaps are narrow. Have you decided to give your wooden floor a new lease on life by having the gaps filled? There are many ways we can help you achieve this, please get in touch today.

What Is the Cost of Floor Gap Filling?

The cost of our gap-filling service is typically based on the size of the floor, the scope of the job, and your location. We also use different methods and materials to fill gaps and repair worn-out floors, depending on the type of floor gaps or the condition.


Do you also fill nail holes and other random holes?
Yes, we do. A lot of property owners hire us to fill out the nail holes in their floors. Please note, although some timber floors require gap filling for a uniform look, certain types of timber floors should not be filled in order to keep the look authentic. We can offer our expert advice at the time of the initial quote; however, the final decision will be yours.
How long does it take for floors to be finished?
For an average-sized family home, with a living room, a dining room, a hallway, and a couple of bedrooms, it will take about 2 – 6 days if the floors are in fairly good condition and if you want them finished naturally with no stain.
Can I have the gaps in my floor filled?
Yes, the size of the gaps and the type of wood used will determine the method we use, but you can trust our team of experienced floorers to deliver.
Why are there gaps in my wood floor?
Gaps in wood floors are to be expected and occur when wood no longer has its moisture content for several reasons, but primarily it is because the floor was installed during high humidity. If that’s the case, your home’s wood floor can expand or contract as humidity increases in the air.

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