Moving is exciting. More often than not, it means a fresh start, an improvement in lifestyle, and a sign of progress. A new home can also give you a new perspective on life. While moving to a new house in Brighton is definitely an exciting endeavour, this stage of your life also comes with a lot of headaches. You need to prepare a lot of things so you can have a hassle-free moving experience. But no worries! We wrote this article to help you out. Here are the things you need to know when you move to a new home.  

  1. You Need To Get Organized

  The first thing on the list is for you to get organized. I get it. Not everyone likes making lists, labeling items, and putting everything in the right location. You might think that this is an unnecessary step but trust me, you will save yourself from taking a lot of Xanax if you’re organized from the beginning. Get a notebook and create a to-do list. Try to be as detailed as possible and set a timeline for each project. You can even delegate and assign some of these tasks to your family members but it’s important that someone is in charge.  

  1. Keep All Documents In One Place

  It’s easy to misplace items when you’re moving. One thing you don’t want to misplace are documents. You don’t exactly want to tear through boxes just looking for your passport or your lease agreement. Before you start packing, put all of your important documents in one place. If you have a safe, store them inside so you know where to get them should you need to.  

  1. Transfer Your Utilities

  Make sure that your new house is ready for you before you move. Set up your utilities — electricity, wi-fi, cable, water, and gas. Unpacking in a house with no electricity or water will pose a lot of problems. Moving will require a lot of cleaning and having no water is definitely not a good start to your new life. Discuss with the companies to get your utilities in order a week before you move. This also gives your contractor time to inspect all the electricity wires, pipes, and plumbing so it doesn’t pose a security risk.  

  1. Go Through Customizations Early

  Finding a house that you’re 100% in love with from the onset is rare, very rare. Realtors would always tell prospective buyers that some floor plans are customizable so a certain part of the house doesn’t become a dealbreaker. If you’re thinking of customizing your house, do it early. Don’t do your house renovation while you’re moving. It’s not good for you, your contractors, and your items. Moving while you get your floorboards stained can be tricky and delay your timeline. Plan accordingly! Still deciding what color to stain your hardwood? Here’s The Beginner’s Guide To Selecting The Right Stain Colour For Hardwood    Read: How To Choose A Floor Sanding Company in the UK  

  1. Rent A Self Storage Facility in Brighton

  Avoid the stress of having to unpack everything by renting a self storage facility in Brighton. Moving, while new and exciting, can also be anxiety-inducing. From personal experience, I had trouble unpacking everything. I had to pace myself because I don’t really do well with change. I rented a self storage facility to store the majority of my items until I was ready for them. Another benefit of a storage unit when moving is to allow renovators and contractors to work on your home renovation without your stuff lying around. Home construction/renovation projects need as much free space as possible so they can be accomplished on time. A self storage facility in Brighton can also help keep your house clutter-free. Admit it. We have a lot of stuff in our houses that we don’t normally use or that we need only once or twice a year. This is what I would classify as clutter. Instead of bringing it over to your new house, store them in a storage unit so you can enjoy your new and spacious home  

  1. Take Before and After Photos of Valuable Items

  Before you pack your valuables away, take pictures. This will help you with your insurance claim in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs and something breaks in transit. Most moving companies are insured. However, insurance claims can be a pain if you have no proof of your item’s prior condition. No matter how trusted or careful your moving company is, you still want to be protected.   

  1. Take A Tour Around Brighton

  Brighton is a beautiful place to live in. If you’re new to the area, take the time to get to know the place. I assure you that you will enjoy your stay in Brighton. Who knows? You might stay here for the rest of your life!