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Would you like to sand your floors in the UK? Before making that decision, it is important that you calculate the cost. In order to calculate the cost of sanding your floor, all things must be considered. This is done to establish the exact cost of the time and work needed to supply a floor with a high standard. Brighton Floor Sanding offers free on-site inspections and written offers. This is the best approach in determining the cost of your floor sanding project.

Floor Sanding Costs

Our basic fee for sanding and sealing and varnishing is £ 30-32 per square meter.

It should be noted that the smaller the area, there is a slightly higher cost per square meter of work. For example, the most expensive areas for sanding and finishing are small hallways or bathrooms.

Repairs are considered as an additional cost. This usually includes all materials, full-floor sanding, and varnishing (usually two to three layers). As a professional company of floor sanders, we can offer you an option for the varnish finish. We offer a selection of oils, varnishes and paints.

Dust-Free Sanding Costs

If your floor requires dust-free sanding, a company like Brighton Floor Sanding can do this with its dust-free machines for around £30 per square metre including finishing. In order to give you an idea of how we price this, you should know what is obtainable in the industry. It is costly to rent even just low-range belt and edge sanders, and these alone are not going to get a great finish because they lack the finesse and control of professional machines. Ideally, with a lighter machine, you’ll have to work around the edges to remove any scratches and get into tight corners. If you just use the main floor area with a belt sander, you will get a lower surface. You also need to consider how you want to finish the floor. A 5-litre tub with a lacquered rim should be adequate for up to 16 square meters of flooring, but they don’t come cheap, and if you have to buy more than you need it’ll just go to waste.

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Gap-Filling Costs

  • Gap filling with wooden fillets costs around £20 per m2.
  • The removal of the fireplace costs approximately XXX plus VAT.
  • Replacement floorboards cost approximately XXX VAT per running meter (board length).
  • The cost of hard oil wax is very similar to the cost of paint.
  • The cost of repairing a floor is usually £1,000 – £2,500, and the price is between £3 and £5 per square metre.
  • Work on hardwood floor repairs includes sanding to remove surface coatings and scratches on the construction site. The above cost does not include additional repairs.
  • Compared to the price of a new hardwood floor, this is a bargain. For more information, please call Floor Sanding Site at 01273 257183.

Important Notes

The above prices are only guidelines and may vary depending on the size of your project; they can be changed at our discretion. The price of repairing wooden floors depends on many factors, such as the type of wooden floor (solid or engineered), the thickness of the upper wear layer, the type of finish already existing (urethane oil, aluminium oxide, etc.), the type of new finish (oil or water-based), and other additional factors (deep groove nails on the upper areas of wood repairs and replacements). Other factors that affect the cost include the number of square meters in your project, your location, the characteristics of your floor, preparation and repair work, and material costs. Typically, the cost per square metre is higher for smaller projects. If you refinish large areas of wooden floor, you actually save money per square metre. As should be expected, your total costs for larger projects are higher, such as refinishing full wooden floors. However, we can charge lower costs for larger areas because our employees are already on site, the devices are ready for use, and we can purchase materials in bulk. In contrast to open-ended parquet projects, higher prices per square meter are recorded in small rooms (ex. bathrooms or hallways) because they have difficult-to-access corners; they also require more time and strenuous manual methods. As mentioned above, the different surface conditions impact prices. From time to time, depending on availability, the price of wood varies as well. The price of sanding a school or assembly hall floor depends on some aspects of the job. Lino or carpet, for example, may need to be removed (often in school classrooms), and then the glue needs to be removed. When you request a quote, you can always ask specific questions to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. For most floor sanding projects, the floor must be sanded with different types of sanding paper and the floor coated with three layers of polish. The standard coatings (polish) used are solvent-based polyurethane. Water-based coatings are slightly more expensive.

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We are one of the most competitive and cost-effective companies in the field of floor sanding in the UK. We strive to outperform all other floor sanding companies in the UK. We are not only unbeatable in terms of costs but also in terms of quality. The type of wood used for the flooring does not affect the price of the job unless nails stick out that need to be removed before we can sand them. With Brighton Floor Sanding, you will always get a competitive price.

We offer a courteous professional service of the highest quality to ensure full customer satisfaction at all times. Brighton Floor Sanding is proud to be accredited in the UK for polishing, restoring furniture, and restoring hardwood and parquet floors. Our unique dust-free floor sanding process is one of the many reasons why customers have chosen our service. Although we cover the expensive furnishings, there is no need to do any major clean-ups after the process is complete.

This ensures the minimum amount of time that your business must be closed. We also use high-quality, durable Bona Traffic HD for the finish, which can be opened the next day because it cures fully in 12 hours.

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