Fire Hearth Removal For Floor Sanding in Brighton, Sussex

Do you have an old fireplace that you would like to remove?

Fire hearths and fireplaces become unnecessary when homeowners no longer use them for fires.
In other cases, fireplaces and hearths become a problem when they no longer fit into the homeowner’s vision of what the house should look like.

Whether you want to remodel the fireplace or remove it to create additional space in the room, Brighton Floor Sanding can help you get this done. For years, we have acquired extensive experience in removing old hearths. Our wooden floor experts can completely change the look of the room by removing the old fire hearth and replacing the boards underneath.

As soon as the fireplace is removed, new boards are installed and the gaps are closed. We use our sanding process and professional floor finishing to achieve optimal results. During the finishing process, our experienced employees install new skirting to ensure a perfectly invisible repair job. At the end of the process, we apply the last layer of varnish. The end product is a new seamless floor with no trace of the original fire hearth. Contact us today, and we would be glad to restore your wooden floor.

Why remove an existing fire hearth?

The fireplace definitely gives your home a more stylish, warm, and comfortable feel. However, you may want to remove it because you are not satisfied with its position or utility in the home.  The fireplace takes up a lot of space, especially if your home is small. If you are installing underfloor heating or using other heating sources, you can remove the fireplace as you will not need it for indoor heating purposes.

You may want to remove your fireplace to:

  • Add space to your living area;
  • Avoid fireplace hazards;
  • Remove a defective heat source;
  • Avoid debris, dust, and dirt build-up;
  • Prevent home fires, creosote build-up, and carbon monoxide issues.

You can also improve your fireplace or replace it with a durable, modern fireplace made of marble, sandstone, granite, cast iron, or other high-quality materials. The new models are more functional, safer, and easier to maintain. An old fireplace can be harmful to your health and must be cleaned regularly to ensure that it is free of dirt and dust. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we work around the clock in order to offer professional services to our customers. We will safely dismantle your fireplace and give your floor the new look you desire.

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The Fire Hearth Removal Process

Demolish the Fireplace Hearth

The first step is for our experts to demolish and remove the fire hearth. When finished, our experts pick up the boards around the fireplace. Excess concrete is removed, and the gaps on the floor are filled with new joists.

Find Reclaimed Floorboards

Then, our Brighton team sets out on a treasure hunt. This part is a bit exciting for them. They will visit reclamation yards and try to salvage reclaimed boards that will look good in your home. Our team will use these new boards to fill the void left by the fireplace. Our floor renovation experts will adjust the boards to fit the existing floor perfectly.

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Add the Finishing Touches

Your fireplace hearth has been completely removed; floor joists have been installed, and new boards have been inserted. All that’s left is to professionally sand the boards, add a new skirting, and apply a finish. Remember that our team has been doing this for over 10 years, and during this time, we’ve acquired expert knowledge on removing your fireplace while keeping your floor in perfect condition. If you are thinking about removing a fireplace in your home, call 01273 257183 quickly. You can request a free, no-obligation offer.

Why hire a fire hearth removal and flooring expert?

Removing an old concrete fireplace will change the appearance of a room and provide more floor space. However, removing a hearth can be quite messy and difficult, if not dangerous. Some people prefer to do it themselves while others use the services of a professional for a more perfect finish. People who decide to do it themselves may end up making mistakes when removing the fireplace, such as overlooking gaps and cracks. Additionally, if the DIYer creates many cracks and crevices, the fireplace may collapse. Wearing protective equipment is also important; dust and dirt particles can get into your eyes and nose.

At Brighton Floor Sanding, our task is to remove the fireplace hearth while paying proper attention to all the details.

We will deal with the chaotic process associated with fire hearth removal, leaving the room clean and tidy at the end. Instead, you can spend your valuable time doing other important tasks around the house or office.

If you want to remodel a room or remove a fireplace hearth, call Brighton Floor Sanding. Our dedicated employees can help with the planning and removal of the fire hearth. Book a site visit today or request a free quote.

Why choose Brighton Floor Sanding for fire hearth removal

There are many floor sanding companies in the Brighton area that can all remove a fireplace in your home or office. However, you need a company that can achieve the best possible results without compromising the appearance of your home. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we have a proven method that always works for us, and we guarantee that only the best products on the market are used. We have invested time and money in training for our team of experts, acquiring the best equipment on the market at the same time. Our prices are also competitive. Regardless of the size and scope of your floor design, you can be sure that we have everything needed to exceed your expectations. After all, we’ve been doing this for many years and have hundreds of satisfied customers in and around Brighton. If you need a reliable, professional, insured, and experienced company, Brighton Floor Sanding is for you. Remember, we also have some of the best prices in the entire Brighton area. If you want to talk to someone about your project, send us an email via or call 01273 257183. A competent contact person can be available at any time to answer your inquiries.

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If the removal of your fireplace and the renovation of your floors are not carried out by experienced, professional experts in the field of finishing wooden floors, this can lead to serious problems. Therefore, you should always contact experts to handle your floor project.  Whether you want to completely remove the fireplace hearth, change its location, or have something else in mind entirely, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands thanks to our experienced staff. Contact us today for your wooden floor repairs and installation. Our flooring services include a no-obligation site visit, quick offers, and free advice. Call 01273 257183 to speak to an employee who can arrange a free assessment of your wooden floors.


Do you need further answers?
Call 01273 257186 to talk to one of our floor experts.
How long does a fire hearth removal take?
This depends on the amount of work and the number of employees involved in the project. It often involves two experts and should be completed within a few days. However, unique design details may require a different work system and timeframe.
How much is a fire hearth removal?
Since each project is special, it depends on the nature of the work. Fireplace hearth removal isn’t all there is to this project. We’ll also have to finish your floor, which could involve reclaiming wood from elsewhere.
Does removing the fireplace lower the value of the house?
No. Removing the fireplace will create more space in your living room without causing any significant drop in property value.
What is a fireplace hearth?
A fireplace hearth is made of non-combustible materials, such as brick or stone. Hearths and fireplace extensions are designed to prevent sparks from leaving the fireplace and igniting nearby fuels.

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