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Brighton Floor Sanding is one of the leading providers of flooring solutions, including floor repairs, floor renovation, floor sanding, fire hearth removal, and new floor installations in Brighton. We also offer expert consulting services on wood floors to clients in the Brighton and East Sussex area. Has your wooden floor lost its shine? Do you need a floor restoration expert in Brighton to revive your floor to its original state?

You’ve come to the right place. The professional floor sanding, maintenance, repair, and renovation services we offer at Brighton Floor Sanding will give a new lease on life to your work and tired wooden floors.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing flooring solutions in East Sussex, Brighton Floor Sanding is an excellent choice to handle your floors. We have a passion for wood and would be happy to help you. Our floor repair technicians have the skills, equipment, and experience to produce the best wood floor finishing. Our range of services include:

Floor repairs

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we understand that your wooden floor is an integral part of your home’s appearance and feel. If your floor needs attention to return to its previous glory, you can trust our floor sanding specialists to deliver exceptional results. It doesn’t matter whether your wooden floor has been scratched by household pets or little children; floor repairs are possible even if your floors have been through a serious accident or suffered from general wear and tear. When it comes to floor repairs and restorations, it is better to hire a professional than to do it yourself. Skilled wood repairs require expert knowledge, skills, and the right equipment, all of which can be found at Brighton Floor Sanding. In order to successfully repair floors, our specialists carry out a number of tasks, such as replacing wooden blocks, filling gaps, sanding the floor, and on. They also use specially designed products that cannot be obtained readily in DIY Stores. The Floor Sanding Brighton team is passionate about wooden floors, so you can rest easy knowing your floor repair will be handled professionally. For more information on our wooden floor repair services, call 01273 257183. We carry out repair work on hardwood, softwood, parquet, or laminate floors of all kinds.

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Gap Filling

Brighton Floor Sanding are experts in wood floor gap filling and other floor repair solutions in Brighton. Using time-tested traditional skills and modern machinery, we can successfully fill and close any gap anywhere on your floor.

Wooden floors expand and contract as the weather changes, which often leads to fractures and splits in the wood. To fix this and preserve the life of the floor, the wooden joints will have to be filled meticulously by a professional.

At Brighton Floor Sanding, We use different methods to achieve this. For pine boards with gaps wider than 6 mm, we utilize re-purposed pine strips. For pine boards with gaps smaller than 6mm or parquet floor with space in between, we employ a mixture made from the dust gathered from the floor and epoxy resin; this mixture is then poured into the gaps and left to dry. Since we use the floor sanding dust, the sealed gap is a perfect color match with the rest of the floor. If you want to stop draft or would prefer your floor fully sealed, gap filling is an excellent choice. Brighton Floor Sanding has the resources, experience, and expertise to give you an overall aesthetically pleasing finish.

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Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is an excellent way to restore the original shine of your wooden floor without lifting and replacing the entire floor, and this is one of our core specialities at Brighton Floor Sanding. Floor sanding is a cost-effective alternative to complete floor replacement; it typically costs about half the amount of having a new floor laid and looks just as good, if not better.

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver the excellent finish you desire. Floor sanding is a professional skill; with our 10 years of experience in sanding and restoring wooden floors. We know we have the skills and expertise to offer you an advanced floor sanding service. Expertly using the best methods for sanding floors has become second nature to us. Our recent work includes retail stores, gyms, office buildings, restaurants, and residential buildings in and around Brighton. Do you need your wooden floors professionally sanded? Request a free quote without obligation today.

Fire Hearth Removal

Is there an old fireplace in your room that you would like to remove? Does that old hearth prevent you from getting the most out of your room? With Floor Sanding Brighton, removing unwanted fire hearth is an easy task. We have a lot of experience in removing all kinds of old fireplaces. Our wood flooring specialist can transform the look of your room by removing that unsightly fireplace and seamlessly replacing the planks underneath. If you have an old wooden floor whose beauty is wasted under the carpet, call Floor Sanding Brighton. If you would like your old hearth removed and the floor beneath it sanded to blend in with the rest of your house, give us a call. If maybe you would like to revamp that old worn wooden staircase, the time to do something about it is now. Call Brighton Floor Sanding at 01273 257183 for help. Our wood floor specialists are always happy to help or offer their professional advice on the best way to handle your fire hearth removal so that your floor remains unblemished.

Floor Finishing

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we can give your visibly damaged or worn wooden floor a new lease on life with a little sanding and refinishing, thereby transforming the look and feel of your room.

One of the most defining and delicate phases of the floor restoration process is the finishing; therefore, it requires technical expertise. Hiring the right specialist can be the difference between whether you’ll need more work done on your floor in a year or you’ll get to enjoy your wooden floor for many years with minimal maintenance.

It can also be the difference between exposing you to harmful chemicals or a restoration process that poses no health risks. Floor Sanding Brighton has more than 10 years of experience delivering high-quality floor finishing results that supersede our customer’s expectations every time. We only use the best method for sanding, reworking, and restoring a floor. Our artisans use the best products and tools in the market tailored to achieve the best possible result. To talk about your project, please call us at 01273 257183, send an email to info@brightonfloorsanding.com.

Commercial Floors

Brighton Floor Sanding offers a wide range of flooring solutions in Brighton’s commercial sector.
Lots of business premises have beautiful real wood floors. This is because a well-maintained wooden floor gives every room style and a touch of class. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that traditional-style hotels, modern rooms, boardrooms, banks, foyers, and all kinds of public areas are enhanced and embellished by durable wooden floors.

Sadly, wooden floors in commercial buildings can lose their shine from scratches, stains, general wear and tear, and foot traffic. While it is possible to minimise damage by sweeping, vacuuming, and carefully moving objects, eventually your floors may need to be checked by a specialist. When the time comes, Floor Sanding Brighton will be glad to be of service to you. We have a wealth of experience working on all kinds of commercial buildings. We understand the importance of your work and your business, and we strive to provide timed and practical solutions that cause minimal disruptions. More times than not, we have literally worked around the clock to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. It doesn’t matter if your floor is made of hardwood, softwood, laminated wood, or parquet, our approach to sanding wooden floors is the same; we work carefully to restore the wood using state-of-the-art sanding equipment that leaves minimal residual dust. This means that we can work in a restricted area without seriously interfering in your business activities, and they can go on as usual. To find out more about our commercial wood floor sanding service in Brighton or to make an appointment for an assessment, please contact 01273 257183.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Floorsanding Related Advice

Wood Floor Restoration

Installing a wooden floor is one of the biggest investments you will make in your property. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we want you to enjoy your wooden floor for a very long time.

Our expert wood floor restoration service will help your wood floor retain its beauty, durability, and functionality. Instead of spending money on a brand new floor, you can channel the money to something else.

Wood floor restoration involves the removal of old polish, stains, and years of grit and grime before the fixing and refinishing process can begin; a wood surface will experience a fresh sealant, giving you a completely new-looking wood floor. The hardwood flooring in your home or office will need an expert wood floor refinishing service at some point. When the time comes, think of us at Floor Sanding Brighton.

Restoring wood is a very technical job that requires many years of training and experience to master, so not everyone is qualified to do the job. Brighton Floor Sanding has all the necessary know-how, experience, and high-grade equipment to get the job done flawlessly. We use dust-free floor sanders and time-tested wood floor restoration techniques to sand and restore oak or parquet as well as floorboards, strip pine, kitchen, deck, worktops, skirtings, even engineered and solid wooden floors; we will leave your home or office with a perfectly smooth and attractive floor. With our 10 years of experience in the renovation of wood floors in and around Brighton, we have built up special skills that enable us to masterfully work on any kind of hardwood flooring. We are also fully insured.

Staining and varnishing

Often changing the colour of your wood floor may be the best way to quickly improve its looks, and our floor solution experts at Brighton Floor Sanding can get this done in no time.

Applying a stain will give the floor a dark, rich colour and highlight the beautiful patterns in the grain. With a Lye cream, we can also make floors lighter or paint them using fun colours to add more character. The staining and varnishing is a relatively simple process. It typically involves applying a dye to the floor after it has been sanded.

The application of this dye should be done by an expert to ensure an even finish. It is important that the floor is sanded meticulously as the stain will highlight any imperfections. Our team of craftsmen at Brighton Floor Sanding are highly trained to offer this service excellently. Our office in Brighton offers an extensive selection of industry checked and compliant stains, all of which are compatible with modern domestic and industrial floor finishes. You can trust Brighton Floor Sanding to varnish your floors and give them a fresh new look. Not sure where to begin? Call us for some suggestions. We have a portfolio of work that you can draw inspiration from.

Oiling Wood Floors

One of our major competencies at Brighton Floor Sanding is the oiling of engineered and solid wood floors using long-lasting hard wax oil from leading manufacturers, like Bona and Osmo Blanchon.

A hardwood floor that is finished excellently is a real asset. This can be achieved with the use of clear hard wax oils or if the wood floor needs staining with a pre-coloured oil. Using our floor maintenance service is a great way to revive your tired-looking floor without spending a lot of money on a full floor restoration service. We can re-oil your worn floors and re-sand and refinish them when necessary. Having your floor oiled and waxed is a more natural and organic floor maintenance option that is very popular today.

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