Wood Floor Repair Services in Brighton, Sussex

There is no doubt that real wooden floors are the most stylish and durable option for any living space, but real wooden floors also need professional care and maintenance. For various reasons, damage to the floor is caused by daily wear and tear. Some of the main causes are pulling furniture across the floor and simply using them without taking care of them. 

In many cases, we also find that when the floor was first installed, the boards or blocks may not have been properly installed. It could also be that the previous floor repair may not have been properly performed.

Some parts can age poorly, and the floor becomes weak over time. A lot of other things can seriously damage a wooden floor as well. Water in the form of moisture or wet rot, earthworms, and dry rot are the most common causes of damage to floors in the UK. All this can cause great harm if it is not successfully treated by specialists who have relevant experience. Some pose a threat not only to the wood but also to the surrounding areas in the home, such as the walls. If your floors have been neglected and damaged by years of walking on them or hidden and strangled under carpets, it’s time to free them.  In Brighton, choose our professional, low-cost wooden floor repair service. If they are rusty, scratched, or stained, we could replace the floors. In order to determine the cause and propose a solution, skilled Brighton Floor Sanding craftsmen will examine your damaged floor.

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How Wooden Floors Get Damaged

There are many ways in which your floors can be damaged. Here are some of the most common causes:

Moisture problems 

Increased moisture is a major problem for property owners; it is harmful, unsightly, and contributes to heat loss in the home. This absorbed liquid can lead to damp walls, particularly in older buildings that may not have been properly protected from moisture. 

Rising moisture 

The problem of rising moisture is not only with the floor, but it is also with the humidity because it can spread rapidly through the plasterboard inside the floor. This destroys the inside and weakens the wall itself, which can cause serious (and costly) damage to your property if left untreated. Luckily, you can contact one of our moisture contractors at Brighton Floor Sanding in Brighton. 

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Signs of Wet Rot 

It is fairly easy to detect wet rot as the wood is typically damp, dark, and looks diminished over time. This appears to crumble, and it is delicate or soft to the touch in general. To prevent the spread of moisture and germination of fungal spores, the most appropriate treatment is to replace damaged wood with new, dry wood. As another solution, it is possible to use chemical spraying or other treatments to deal with wet rot.

Wet rot 

Wet rot is one of the most common causes of structural damage to old properties. Treatment can help prevent further damage by locating the source of the moisture and drying the surrounding wood.

Although it’s not as difficult to remove as dry rot, you should never leave it and let it potentially ruin your property.

Dry Rot

Dry rot, like wet rot, is a major threat to your property’s structural integrity. Dry rot is a living fungus on the ground that kills wood.

In wet and poorly ventilated areas, dry rot usually occurs. The longer it is not checked, the worse it gets.

Signs of Dry Rot 

The brown colour is often an indicator of dry rot, which is usually combined with a dry and brittle composition that breaks and crumbles easily. Humid places with poor ventilation also provide optimal conditions for fungal development, as well as the growth of mycelium, white fungus, and furry fungus.

Other Causes 

Some other factors that cause damage include scratches, long-term water damage, dropping heavy objects onto the wooden floor, and burning the floor.

Fortunately, Brighton Floor Sanding is one of the best names in Brighton when it comes to repairing wooden floors. No matter the cause of the problem with the wooden floor or the scale of the problem, we can handle it. 

We have worked in the wooden floor repair industry for over 10 years. During this period, we have won awards for providing high-quality wooden floor repair and professional service. That said, if you want to do some work on a wooden floor, you can contact us. With us, you can be sure that the work will be done at an attractive price. 

What Our Wooden Floor Repair Entails

As abstract as it sounds, floor repair actually involves a variety of activities; this process begins with removing a block of wood, filling gaps, sanding the floor, and finally sealing the floor. Our fitters use quality products that are not easily available; you can’t find them just anywhere or in shops on the street.  We first find out what’s causing harm to the wooden floor. Our specialists will also determine how bad the damage is. Next, we will choose a procedure for resolving the problem and give you a quote. Finally, you can determine whether or not to continue with the solution we’ve proposed. Nevertheless, you should be aware that failure to fix the issue will cause damage to the floor and may even render it unfixable. It seems to be a simple task you can fix yourself, but it is better to let the professionals help you with the repair. We will carefully plan every stage of the project and provide the necessary planks, machines, and materials. 

Rest assured that our floor repair experts are trained veterans who are highly experienced and licensed. The floor machines we bring to your site are modern and advanced. We can repair any kind of floor, whether it is for private households or businesses. We can handle all types of wood, including softwood, hardwood, natural wood, or laminate. 

Give us a call if you live in Brighton and have a wooden floor that needs to be repaired. We make an appointment to evaluate the floor, make recommendations, and submit an offer in Brighton for our professional wooden floor repair. 

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Why Choose Brighton Floor Sanding for Your Wooden Floor Repairs?

We have different techniques in order to restore wooden floors regardless of how the floor has been affected. Whether we mend the floor, brush it up, or suggest a different method, you can be sure that your floor repair is in good hands with our experienced staff. Work on the wooden floor can start as soon as the assessment is complete, regardless of the type of damage. Based on the customer’s requirements and the condition of the repaired floor, this may include sanding and finishing.

We understand that it can be a time of stress for home renovations. That’s why we do our best with our 10 years’ experience to work efficiently, whether we repair your floor or rebuild it. We know that with many years of experience in the floor repair industry, we bring proven products and strategies to the table, delivering floor repairs and installation services. We also manage residential and business projects of all sizes around Brighton and the surrounding areas. Don’t trust your floor repair job to just any repair person. Make sure you have an experienced team to repair the wooden floor that gives you the results of safety and quality. Request a free survey to repair your floor today. 

Floor Repairs Done Right

If floor repairs are not conducted by trained, qualified experts in wooden floor finishing, this can lead to serious problems. Therefore, if you need to work on your wooden floors, you should always call the experts. We have different techniques in place to repair wooden floors, regardless of how your floor has been damaged. Whether we mend the floor, brush it up, or suggest a different method, you can be sure that your floor repair is in good hands with our experienced staff. To start repairing your wooden floor, please contact us today. Our ground service includes an on-site visit with no obligations, a prompt quote, and free advice. Call 01273 257183 to talk to an employee who can arrange a free evaluation of your wooden floor. To start repairing your wooden floor, please contact us today.


How long will the work take?
This depends on the size of the job, but we can usually complete a standard size room in a couple of days, which is about 12’x 12.’ This includes sanding your wooden floors and staining them.
Do you provide all equipment and materials?
Our teams from Brighton Floor Sanding will bring all the products, tools, and equipment needed for the job and the perfect result.

However, if you require floor installation services, floor materials, skirts, and beading are either supplied by the customer or provided by Brighton Floor Sanding against a deposit for the required material.

Is your site visit free of charge?
We offer free site visits, which can be booked on the phone or on our website.

Sometimes, we can provide a temporary quote without visiting the site when the scope of the service is clear to the client and the office.

How much dust and noise will your floor sanding machines make?
It’s impossible to sand without some measure of dust, but the sanding machine we use comes with dust extraction and is the best and most expensive machine in the market. All machines also have built-in vacuum cleaners to minimize dust.

Indeed, floor sanding is quite noisy. We wear protection for our ears and faces. If you live in an apartment or a semi-detached house, please inform your neighbours. We work between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to keep the noise within reasonable hours.

Are my floorboards too damaged to be sanded?
In most cases, we will replace the problem planks with reclaimed pine planks even if your floor has been weakened. We will restore the boards from there and make sure that they blend in perfectly with the rest of the floor.

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