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Floor finishing is the application of a special liquid to a tiled floor that dries to a hard, permanent, and smooth film. The film that is formed by the special liquid corresponds (approximately) to the thickness of wax paper. It is intended to protect the floor while extending its lifespan. It also offers an attractive appearance and a non-slip surface to the tiled floor.

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we specialise in polishing and finishing traditional or modern wooden floors with a wide range of stain products, waxes, and varnishes in order to meet your needs and expectations. Our wood floor finishing services speak for themselves.

We also offer our customers a great experience in sanding and restoring wooden floors. There is also a wide range of products for wood floor finishing to choose from; there are enough choices to match your individual needs. We can provide you with a wooden floor end to raise your wooden floor. We are proud to be the number one in wood floor sanding. We believe that there are many different values ​​for wood floor renovation, and all factors should be considered before a wooden floor is sanded and renovated. We urge you to ask us your questions about sanding and restoring a wooden floor. We are always happy and proud to talk about our processes in terms of what distinguishes us as well as our work.

Types of Floor Finishing We Do

Lacquered Flooring Finish (Varnish)

Varnishes are probably still the most popular wood flooring because they offer additional protection. Many of our paints are modified to differ from traditional wood paints, and customers are often amazed at how good they look. Lacquer flooring finish is more durable and easier to care for. The varnished wooden floors are usually pre-assembled or varnished on-site. There is also a choice between high gloss and matt varnished wood appearance. The latest lacquer innovation even looks like an oiled floor so that the wood looks more “natural”.

Oil (Hard Wax Oil) Flooring Finish

For many years, oiled floors have been around and are the most frequently used floor surfaces in the world.

Oil floors are made from natural oils and should not be mistaken with synthetic oils; the bulk of vegetable oils are 100% organic and without VOCs. It is possible to harden the prefabricated oil floors with UV. Brushed and oiled steel brushes are used to oil areas where the grain opens the surface of the wood, eliminating the splinters. Give us a call if you want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each surface.

Different surfaces may be required for the floor, depending on how much sunlight you have in the home, for example. The lower the gloss, the more forgiving the scratches, dust, dirt, and general signs of wear and tear can be. We can easily make samples so that you can see and select the finish you want.

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Types of Floors We Finish

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Parquet consists of different layers of wood that are glued together at right angles. This structural approach improves the stability of the floor. We have engineered flooring available for you in different formats.

The finished parquet is either pre-treated or applied to the raw wood after we lay the floor. We can offer our customers both customized and pre-made surface options.

Solid Hardwood Floors

Solid wood floors are naturally strong, robust, and improve as they age, even if they are walked on regularly and subjected to heavy usage. After years of wear and tear, it can look even better than when it was first installed – that is if the right product was installed from the start.

For customers who need to revive their existing solid wooden floors, we also offer a range of professional floor sanding and finishing services. If your old wooden floor looks tired and needs a new life, contact a member of our team for more information.

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Why Choose Us

Fully Insured Service

We are a floor sanding company based in Brighton that has been providing restoration services throughout Brighton for over 10 years.

We work with private clients and businesses every day; we have established our name as a company that restores various types and sizes of floors.


We have over 10 years’ experience in the floor sanding industry. We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with large trade orders down to the smallest household chores, from sanding existing floors to laying new, high-quality wooden floors.

We are happy to help and advise you. Our goal is to get the best results while meeting your budget.


We transform your wooden floors while taking care of your health and well-being; we use only proven, long-lasting flooring with low VOC content.

Use of latest equipment

With the most advanced technology in the industry and years of experience in floor sanding, we offer the best hardwood sanding service in Brighton.

We exceed customer’s expectations

We understand that it’s not easy to choose a good floor sanding company, especially if it is your first time working with us. However, we understand how valuable your floors are to you and will do our best to deliver only the best results. Our chosen approach is the reason why many clients have relied on us to finish the floors in their homes, shops, schools, churches, pubs, and other commercial properties over the years. We are proud of our work, and our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Use of quality products

We do business with leading floor finishing manufacturers for quality offerings, such as Treatex, Morrells, and Bona. Treatex is a durable hard wax oil that protects boards from stains and scratches, improving the boards ‘ natural beauty and wood grain. It is made of a combination of sustainable natural materials, including carnauba wax, sunflower oil, linseed oil, and beeswax. Treatex is ideal for all forms of interior wood, which gives a uniform finish to your interior decor.

We are happy to help

In addition to our quality services, we also offer professional advice on how you can maintain and clean your floors so that they remain in top condition.

What is the Cost of Finishing Your Floor?

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we calculate per square foot. However, prices vary considerably depending on your region, the accessibility of your home, the size of the job, and the work you want to do (including the colour of the stain – dark stains require more preparation time).

To calculate the square footage of the space you want to finish, you need to measure the length and width in feet. For a quick quote on floor sanding work, just send us photos of the area with approximate dimensions. We will most likely be able to assess the order and promptly prepare a quote.

How Long Does it Take to Finish a Floor?

The typical project duration is three to seven days, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

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Why not completely change the feel of your living room or office by adding a new colour to the floor? Create contrast to your walls, brighten your room, and improve the perception of the room with a whitewashed finish or grey floors. No matter whether you intend to breathe new life into your wooden floor, your stairs, or your deck, we will advise you competently and discuss all your options. Contact us at 01273 257183 or contact us via our contact form. You can send us an email to obtain a free online offer or make an appointment with us. We would be very happy to do business with you, and we are confident that you will be delighted with our high-quality services for sanding and finishing floors.


How long do polished floors take to dry?
After applying the last polish, it is recommended not to touch the floor for at least 48 hours. We recommend using the floor “gently” for another 24 hours. Floor polish hardens over time and is usually completely dry within one to two weeks.
Can screed be a final floor finish?
Many people choose screeds with a wide range of flooring, from carpets to tiles. However, in commercial environments, it is often cheaper to leave them open.
Can I apply a finish on top of a dented floor?
Applying a finish to an already heavily dented and scratched surface will not hide the damage done. Footprints from high heels or pet nails can be easily softened but not really hidden or removed without sanding.

In this case, repairs in the form of a plank replacement are essential if the customer wants a flawless appearance.

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