Wood Floor Oiling in Brighton, Sussex

If you are looking for a professional sanding company in the UK that will take care of your investment and restore your wooden floor to look almost brand new, look no further!

Brighton Floor Sanding, we offer a full range of services for sanding wooden floors, including: 

  • Sanding floorboards; 
  • Refurbishing parquet floors;
  • Wood staining;
  • Minor wood repairs;
  • Finishing with hard wax oils or varnishes.

What’s Wood Floor Oiling?

An oil-finished wood is furnished with wax or UV oils, which usually contain natural oils such as vegetable oils that seal and protect the floor. Oils saturate the floor by avoiding moisture loss and preventing your wooden floor from shrinking; giving it a very natural look. Usually, wooden floors can be oiled with hard wax oils, however, if wooden floors require staining, we use pre-coloured oil in different colour options. The oiled finish option is available for both recovered and harvested hardwood floors including solid and engineered wood floors. Oiled floors should be cared for with special maintenance oil every six to twelve months to keep the wood well moisturized.  It’s important to note that underfloor heating dries the wood faster than usual. So, if you have underfloor heating, we recommend oiling your floor more often, especially before winter. Moreover, oiled floors can only be cleaned with special products, because the oil may become discoloured and wash off if you’re using the wrong products.

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Our Wood Floor Oiling Service

Oiled floors are durable, but if the floor has scratches or stains, they can be easily identified and repaired by gently polishing and applying a layer of maintenance oil to the damaged area. Our floor oiling service includes a gentle floor polishing with a fine screen to prepare the wood. This method smoothens the entire finish; it’s followed by the application of layers of compatible oil or hard wax oil. We re-oil solid wood floors and wood-based elements with durable wax oil from leading manufacturers such as Osmo, Blanchon, and Bona.

The Benefits of Oiling Your Wood Floors

Wood oil treatment is ideal for preserving and improving the natural appearance of wood floors and wood-based items. This achieves a beautiful appearance similar to exotic wood species. Some of the benefits are:

  • A low build-up that comes with the perfect glossy finish to remove small imperfections caused by wear and tear.
  • An oiled wood floor can be easily repaired at any time by simply wiping the affected area with a slightly oiled cotton cloth. Extreme stains can also be removed and re-oiled if necessary.
  • Oil is absorbed by the wood and although there is no protective barrier against wax and varnish, it repels liquids and dirt.
  • Another advantage of oiling a wooden floor is the aesthetics of a pleasant, natural, and warm look. Also, oiling emphasizes the true nature of the wood without giving it a plasticky gloss.
  • The oil gives restores the wood’s natural and fresh look giving the impression that it has not been processed at all. the wood’s properties can be fully appreciated.
  • Oil-based polyurethane enhances the colour of the wood and gives it a soft gloss.
  • Oils give the floor a matte look and a pleasant feel. They are less sensitive to scratches and easier to repair than paints but require slightly more maintenance.
  • A brushed and oiled finish provides deeper protection than most finishes. The oil penetrates the wood and helps maintain the elasticity of the wood. The processing also allows the wood to maintain a naturally dark shade over many years.
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Why Choose Us

We are a family run company with over 10 years’ experience in renovating wooden floors of all types and sizes throughout the South East. We offer competent services to private and commercial clients to restore their wooden floors back to life. If you need advice, services, or simply need to know more about our company, call us and we’d be happy to assist you!

In recent years, we’ve invested in training and equipment to deliver industry leading services and exceptional wood flooring results. As our business scaled, so has the scope of our floor sanding services. We are glad that we can offer you world-class solutions that meet your needs. Our multi-stage floor finishing process delivers an aesthetically pleasing and healthy home to all our clients.

We endeavour to carry out every oiling and flooring task with as much efficiency and professionalism as possible. We have something to suit every taste with a wide variety of stains and finishes. For example, our Bona’s 2 K Oil can be mixed or used alone to create that unique, customized look. Our professional customer service is one of the main reasons why customers choose our company for floor sanding. We not only use only the best products, but we also offer an 2-year guarantee insurance. All our oil finishes are made from natural wood oils ideal for flooring. All oils are suitable for solid or manufactured floors, cork floors, and are rated for use on thermal floor systems.

We Use the Best Oil for Wooden Flooring

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we are known all over the South East for using only the best and highest quality floor products. For example, we use hard Granwax wax oil (colourless or coloured) and Woca.

Granwax hard wax oil is a combination of wax and oil that is ideal for high traffic areas and is suitable for new or refurbished floors. Woca is a respected brand in the industry and its products are suitable for manual or mechanical use.

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There are probably hundreds of companies in the UK that handle floor sanding and related services. But if you want a company that can deliver services to your expectations, within the allotted timeframe, and within budget, your best choice is Brighton Floor Sanding. Not only do we carry out superb floor sanding services, but we also endeavour to carry out our work with minimal disruptions. We will leave your premises spic and span. Wouldn’t you rather work with a company that has your best interest at heart? Give us a call on 01273 257183 to get started.


How do you maintain oiled hardwood floors?
Sweep the oiled floors or vacuum them as often as possible. Use a gentle, specially formulated oiled floor cleaner. Don’t use just any cleaners on your oiled floors as they tend to leave deposits and absorb too much water which destroys the oiled floors.
How often should I oil my wood floors?
This is determined by the regularity of the oil or oil refresh process. We recommend using hardwax maintenance oil every 6-10 months for peace of mind.
Pinewood floor refinishing – varnish or oil?
The protective characteristics are very similar. However, oil and varnish come with various maintenance types and your choice depends on the amount of wear and tear the floor receives.

The use of a wooden floor varnish appears to offer better longevity and less cleaning, but when the varnish is scratched or fades, you have to resand the floor back to plain wood.

On the other hand, the use of wood floor oil usually requires maintenance every couple of years but it will not flake, crack or peel off. This looks better than varnish when it starts to wear and, unlike varnish, it is easy to repair if it is broken in certain places.

What is the difference between wax, oil, and varnish?
Varnish covers the wood with a thick, hard finish, while oil reaches the wood. On the other hand, wax penetrates and coats to a lesser extent than oil. However, oil and wax are often used together.

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