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A professionally finished wooden staircase is a sight to behold. It invokes a feeling of warmth and luxury, enhances your property, and can add value to your home. Nothing is more striking than a beautiful, genuine, wooden staircase in your hallway. To ensure that your staircase is in the best shape possible, professional sanding is essential. The service we offer at Brighton Floor Sanding is quick and comprehensive, getting your staircase in tip-top shape in no time. We have worked on all types of buildings across the UK, producing stunning staircases everywhere we go, and yours will be no different.

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Our range of services

Stair sanding 

Whether it’s an older, dark mahogany staircase, or a more modern, oak staircase, having your staircase sanded is a great way to restore its classic look. After it has been sanded and refinished, the appearance will be greatly improved.

With our comprehensive stair sanding service at Brighton Floor Sanding, we can take away any blemishes, leaving you with a stairway that is an asset to your home or office space.  Sanding and sealing your stairs also extend its life and prevent major repairs in the future. It is also a great way to get a new floor color and a new finish because the sanding process creates the perfect blank canvas.

Stair sealing 

Resealing your wooden stairs and railings can completely transform it from tired and worn, to fresh and spectacular. Once your stairs have been sanded and resealed, it will give the interior of your home a whole new look and feel. 

Stair refinishing 

Do your stairs see a lot of foot traffic? Are they dull and ugly with bruises and holes? Has exposure to the elements ruined their beautiful look? All that can be changed! We can refinish your stairs and make them look their best again. Each step on your staircase is delicately treated by hand using specialized tools, until each dent and blemish is gone.

Stair restoration 

The restoration of stairs and railings is also done mainly by hand, as it requires considerable care and expertise. This is why we have invested in all the essential hand sanding materials and equipment needed to restore your stairs. In addition, we have also invested time in honing our skills to ensure we can deliver great looking stairs and handrails every single time.

Stair fittings and matching accessories 

Floor and stair refurbishment projects are not the only things we do well. We have also successfully completed a lot of stair fitting projects. We can help you create the desired look for your staircase using robust steps, risers, and balustrades. We’ll assemble steps and risers, remove and replace railings, and we’ll also carry out pickling and painting work.

Stair stripping 

This involves the restoration of railings and the replacement of stair profiles. It sometimes involves the painting of steps and handrails. To get the best finish possible we use special sanding machines and edge banding machines for stair corners, edges, and other hard-to-reach areas. Finishing it up nicely in a nice colour with a finishing machine.

Stair repairs 

Are your stairs in need of urgent repairs? We are ready to help. We can take on all aspects of stair repair and when needed, machine construct customized boards. You may request a free site visit and quote today. 

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Why choose us?

Unique sanding and finishing process for stairs 

Our approach to sanding and finishing stairs at Brighton Floor Sanding is unique. We use drum sanders or large belts along with an edge sander for hard-to-reach sections, such as stairs and corners. With these tools, our trained sanders can deliver flawlessly finished stairs.  After your stairs have been sanded, they are thoroughly vacuumed to get rid of all particles of dust. The stairs are then sealed before further dust pollutants can enter from other parts of the house, and settle on the freshly-sanded surface.

Modern Equipment 

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we only use the latest machines to ensure we deliver the best result possible. All of our artisans are trained to work by hand, especially around corners and stairs, so you can rest easy knowing the finished look of your stairs will be flawless. Getting this process right is one of the secrets to our success. 

Expert Sanders 

If you want your planks to look flawless, they need to be expertly sanded and painted. And this can only be done by a professional. Brighton Floor Sanding is made up of a team of highly-skilled sanders, who have experience working with all types of wood. We can sand and repair all types of hardwood stairs regardless of age, damage, or location.

High-quality finishes 

Sanding and coloring stairs and railings are both meticulous manual work. Our sanders’ goal is not just to save the beautiful design of the ornate railings, but also to give it a fresh look. This is where we excel. You can rely on us to, seal, pickle, sand, fill gaps, and generally do whatever is necessary to get your staircase looking beautiful again.

Highly experienced 

Brighton Floor Sanding is a 100% UK owned company with over 10 years of experience. We are one of the top experts in sanding, pickling, and painting of all types of wooden floors, wooden stairs, and wooden terraces. We also do light repairs, and replace old or broken planks, and fill in cracks to get the best finish for your wooden stairs.

Comprehensive service 

At Brighton Floor Sanding, we do not only specialize in floors, we also offer our sanding, polishing, and pickling service for other surfaces such as stairs, patios, and verandas. So, whether you want to turn your deck into an attractive outdoor entertainment area, or want to polish your stairs and make it a breathtaking focal point in your home, you can count on us to deliver exceptional results. 

Professional service 

Our team is only made up of professional floor sanders who are adept at sanding hardwood floors and stairs. They can handle solid parquet, wooden floorboards, patios, countertops, and so on. Our service is not only professional but affordable too. 

Available for Service Everywhere in the UK

We can deliver our service to you wherever you might be in the UK. We have worked with numerous customers across the UK, in all sorts of buildings. We’ve worked on small homes, stairs in traditional Georgian homes, schools, churches, leisure centers, restaurants, and even public buildings.

The Cost of Our Stair Sanding Service 

The cost of sanding stairs will vary depending on location, services required, and other factors.  The total price is influenced by factors such as handrails needing to be removed or handcrafted, if the stairs are to be stained, and how many steps are to be refurbished. The average cost of sanding stairs is always higher than sanding floors because sanding stairs has to be done by hand, as it requires twice as much work.

How we calculate cost

We charge a base price per step, which covers both the step and an incline, so you can readily compute the overall cost for each completed staircase. If your stairs have unique features, the cost per square foot may be higher than the cost of a generic refinishing project. Special features include non-rectangular or square rooms where there is heating under the floor, as well as supports or devices installed in the floor and on the stairs.

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Hardwood stairs have traditionally been a stunning feature of entrances in a lot of buildings in the UK, especially older properties. They feature prominently in a lot of new homes as well because they are classy and elegant. If properly cared for and maintained, you can enjoy a hardwood staircase for a very long time.  Looking to breathe new life into a wooden staircase or deck? Get in touch with one of our experienced sales representatives for a free quote, as well as advice on how to prolong the life of your stairs. Call 01273 257183, or contact us via the contact form provided. You can also send us an email at info@brightonfloorsanding.com.

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