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One of the main limitations of floor sanding was the dusty process. This kept people from renovating and refurbishing their floors. Thanks to modern technology, the new dust care systems have significantly improved dust removal during the process, eliminating the drawbacks. Reasons why dust-free sanding devices are wise: 

Prevent possible lung damage 

Like asbestos, fine wood dust can linger in the air. While not as life-threatening, dust can trigger very tiny sores in the lungs that would not be immediately apparent but are irreversible and greatly reduce lung capacity.

Maximum dust control 

Our special sanders ensure maximum dust control, which makes a big difference.

Easy to use 

Using a dust-free floor sander is generally easier than using conventional sanders. The finish is equally good. Using our sanders, the floor can be sanded as often as needed without affecting the surface of the wooden board.

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Manual sanders create a mess 

Although the use of water restricts the user from being exposed to large quantities of hazardous dust particles, it still leaves a mud-like paste that needs to be cleaned and properly disposed of. Our sanders make sure to work as clean as possible.

Why choose our dust-free machines?

Our Dust-Free machines make all the difference when it comes to sanding work. Below are some of the big benefits of how we do floor sanding work.

Can be used safely on any type of floor 

Our dust-free grinding machines can be used safely on soft and hardwood floors. They are also easy to move and extremely user-friendly. In contrast to the drum sander, this new variant is especially delicate to floorboards and polishes excellently without damaging the boards.

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Saves time 

Our dust-free sanders are equipped with a detachable filter system that follows the grinder to remove leftover particles from air and ground. With our type of sander, you will not have to clean between sanding operations, unlike conventional sanders. 

After the sanding process has been completed, what remains is a smooth, dust-free floor, with no bevels or wood shards. 

Market-leading brand 

Our floor sanders are from the leading brand, “Bona” which means that your floor can live up to its full potential. Bona offers the most advanced sanding machines available today. These machines are designed to achieve the best finish while making the job practically dust-free.

No additional work required 

The Bona DCS we offer is a unique, powerful dust extractor that was specially developed for floor sanding. It comes with a hose that can be attached to the belt of the sander so the DCS can collect 99.8% of the dust generated into a fully sealed unit. This means that the area doesn’t need to be cordoned off, no shelves need to be cleared, no images need to be removed, and most importantly, it is much better for your family’s health.

Do you rent our dust-free machines? 

Yes, we do. If you rent one of our dust-free machines, please take the time to read the instructions provided and ask the driver of the rental company to show you how to operate the machine and make a note of them where necessary.  Every machine has a dust bag that is efficient, but not all of them are “dust-free.” As a precautionary measure, we have dust control units with HEPA filters which you can rent to reduce the amount of dust that manages to escape into the air. If you choose to only use the dust bags, empty them regularly.

Always wear a mask 

Most floor sanders are supplied with a cloth bag in which the dust collects. However, fine dust can escape. In addition, not all of the dust is accumulated because a small amount remains on the floor and ends up in the air. With the Bona System, the Bona DCS is attached to the Bona belt sander Bona Edger or Bona Buffer, for a completely dust-free sanding operation.  At Brighton Floor Sanding we have invested a lot in acquiring professional floor sanders to ensure that only the best surfaces for wooden floors are produced. The machines we use deliver end results that go far beyond what can be achieved with most rental sanding machines. Rental machines let out a lot of dust into the atmosphere compared to professional sanding machines, which can extract 99 per cent of the dust during the floor sanding process. The goal for us is to keep our workplace clean so that you can enjoy your new floors immediately.

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