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Like all wood products, your floor needs care and maintenance to ensure great looks and sustainability for many years. To ensure it will look good you have to properly maintain it. A wooden floor must be cleaned and maintained regularly according to certain rules. It is a natural product, and therefore prone to abuse, but with daily care and attention, your floors will look stunning for many years to come.

You have invested a lot of money on your floors, so it is important to take precautions to keep them looking new to get the most out of your investment.  

Proper care protects your floors from the wear and tear brought on by moisture, pedestrian traffic, and more. At Brighton Floor Sanding, we deliver finished wood floors that look evergreen. We also offer after-care packages for wooden floors that will keep your newly finished floor looking beautiful. We also offer maintenance packages, to ensure that your floor’s look is held year after year.

Why choose Brighton Floor Sanding for your floor restoration and maintenance? 

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us at Brighton Floor Sanding. We handle each floor sanding project meticulously, no matter how big or small. We use the latest top-class and dust-free floor sanders and the highest quality products to ensure the fastest, cleanest, and most professional finish possible.  Our floor sanding services also come with a free site inspection and a non-binding offer as well as free aftercare product advice. We’ll give you all the aftercare tips you need to keep your floor looking good and functioning for as long as possible.

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Listed below are some of our top aftercare tips 

The following tips will help you keep your newly restored wooden floor looking beautiful for years to come. Although most of them are small things, they’re going to make a huge difference. Do yourself and a favor and use these care tips:

  • If you have doors that lead directly to your newly renovated floor from outside, we  ecommend a doormat at the entrance to prevent dirt and sand from getting on your floor. Without realizing it when you go in, you will almost certainly carry small dirt/sand/grit particles into your home. A doormat is a great preventative measure. 
  • Although wood floors are tough, it is best not to wear outdoor shoes, indoors. 
  • Make sure you keep your pet’s nails short; this will minimize the risk of scratches. 
  • High-heeled shoes can also damage wooden floors. We, therefore, recommended that you do not wear them on the floor. This way you’ll avoid dents and wrinkles on your new floors. 
  • ALWAYS lift and set the furniture back without pulling it as this will undoubtedly damage the floor! This is extremely important. 
  • If liquids are spilled, make sure you have it cleaned quickly; liquids can get in between the boards and damages the floor. 
  • Be careful with potted plants. If you have plants on your floor, putting a tray underneath is a good idea to prevent the water from soaking and destroying your beautiful wooden floor. 
  • Make sure the feet of your furniture have soft protective pads. You don’t want your great new floor to be scratched, do you? 
  • Use a humidifier during winter months. 
  • If your wood floor is in the kitchen, you should put a mat in front of the sink. This protects your floor from wear and tear caused by standing in one spot and prevents water from sipping into the floor. 
  • Do not wipe the floor with clear water. Wooden floors should be cleaned regularly with special soap mixed with water for the first few weeks following the installation, repair, sanding or refurbishment project. Standard cleaning can be done by vacuuming, sweeping or wiping afterwards. 
  • It is important to avoid scrubbing when cleaning dirty wood floors because over scrubbing will strip the floors of their natural oils. Wipe the floors as usual with a damp cloth and avoid repeated washing. 
  • If your floor looks tired after a year, we recommend getting an intensive maintenance treatment to restore the natural oils. 
  • Stubborn dirt can be removed with the use of a sanding sponge after the application of an intensive cleaner. Add a thin layer of maintenance oil after the floor is completely dry. Please read the instructions on the bottle carefully before applying. 
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How To Care For Your Wood Floors Based On Their Type

Lacquered wooden floor care 

Lacquered wooden floors must be cleaned as much as possible with a wax wiper or a solvent-based cleaner. This can be applied with a damp mop. Make sure you don’t apply too much water to the wooden floor and don’t scrub the floor. To remove stubborn stains, rub the in-floor cleaner into the stain using a soft cloth. 

Professional aftercare solutions 

Need help maintaining your wood floors? We are happy to help! We can recommend a maintenance system that will keep your floor sharp for years to come. We cannot recommend our floor care packages enough. It will not only protect your floor but also help it keep its shine for a long time.

Laminate wood floor care 

Never wipe the wooden floors wet; puddles can get behind the baseboards and under the floor. Make sure you always use a damp mop. 

Oiled wooden floor care 

Natural wood floors should only be cleaned with a wooden floor soap diluted with water and a special hardwood cloth. Avoid microfiber cloths; this will make the surface rough. Make sure to remove whatever dust might be left after the floor has been sanded by cleaning it with a soap mixture designed specifically for wooden floors. You might have to wait a couple of days for the dust to settle down.

Our services are available seven days a week, including public holidays. If you choose to, we can put you on our maintenance list. We’ll follow up after 12 months to make sure your floors are preserved professionally. Give us a call today. 

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